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The most important moments:

  • 1994 – we start activity of our company called „MAKRO-PLAST”
  • 1997-1998 opening a factory on Kujawska street 53/1 in Białystok, Poland
  • 2002 - opening of the 1st production hall
  • 2003 – first attendance at international trade fair. So far we have participated in 25 trade fair in Poland and abroad.
  • 2003 - opening of the 2nd production hall
  • 2004 – first application for Krajowy Fundusz Dotacji Inwestycyjnych – PHARE 2002 programme. Up to now we have signed and balanced 24 financial support contracts: PMGPiPS, PHARE 2001, PHARE 2002, SPO WKP, RPOWP 2007-2013.
  • 2005 – first certificate „FAIR PLAY Company”. Up to 2013 we have awarded 9 certificates, along with Platinum certificate.
  • 2007-2008 – honorable menton in „Orły Polskiego Biznesu” competition, category: The producers of building materials.
  • 2009 – MAKRO-PLAST awarded EuroCertyfikat in category: Product Quality
  • 2010 - opening of the 3rd production hall
  • 2013 - applying a quality management system according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 standard.
  • 2014 - opening of the 4rd producion hall
  • 2014 - Starting structural plastic profiles production

Our qualities:


We started as a small company at the beginning of 1990s. From then we have developed a lot. We have turned our small regional company into one of the best producers in Polish building industry. Thanks to quality of our products we can constantly widen our ready market. MAKRO-PLAST is a well known trademark in many countries all over the world. Our products gained recognition not only in Europe, but also in USA and Asia.


In 2013 MAKRO-PLAST has established and applies a quality management system for: Design, manufacture and sale of plastic profiles and components according to PN-EN ISO 9001 standard.

For all our products with MAK trademark we have achieved the Hygienic Certificate by National Institute of Hygiene as well as Certificates of authorship and protection issued by the Polish Patent Office.


The aim of MAKRO-PLAST is to fulfill clients needs by supplying them high quality plastic products made with innovative technology. We try to provide development for our company and win new markets. Thus we gain knowledge and specialist skills – two foundations of our development, which make us a reliable partner in business for another clients. Cooperation with companies, for which the quality and reliability are top priorities, motivates us to raise our work standards, as well as to establish and apply effective technologies. Thanks to that our company offers our customers innovative plastic products which fulfill the highest criteria made by our business partners.